Obrira Binoculars 2.3x Gold Loupe

Obrira loupes provide a sharp, clear stereoscopic image with 2.3x magnification. The light weight and comfortable design ensures fatigue-free wear.  The nosepiece is covered by hypoallergenic plastic and the ear pieces have spring hinges for optimal comfort and long wear.

Both telescopes can be axially adjusted to fit your individual interpupillary distance.

High grade materials and crafsmanship, acurate engineering, and very functional design:

Features and Specifications

  • 2.3x magnification
  • Crisp, clear images with high resolution
    Multi-coated, scratch-resistant silica glass lenses produce crisp, clear images
  • Apochromatic lens sytem
    guarantees perfect stereoscopic viewing with distortion free image
  • Precise adjustment.
    Independently adjustable controls ensure precise alignment of the oculars . This permits optimised view for any user without straining your eyes and without having to constantly readjust.
  • Super lightweight and comfort - only 1.08 oz
    Most importantly, Obrira only use high end durable materials, anodized aluminum (no plastics in construction).
  • Working distance - 250mm (10")
  • Field of view:  50mm (2")
  • Leather storage case included
  • Made in Germany (including all parts)

The normal working distance of focal length is 10"; however, clip-on lenses are available that extend the working distance to 16".  The added distance is useful when you are standing or working at arms length. 

Obrira Binoculars 2.3x Gold Loupe
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