Zeiss Classic Handheld Magnifiers with Case

All Zeiss handheld magnifiers feature an aspheric lens shape which eliminates the focusing errors produced by ordinary spherical lenses - so you enjoy the sharpest possible images. Each lens is sized to give you the largest possible view for the chosen refractive power. Zeiss magnifier lenses are hard coated to prevent scratches.  A felt-padded lens case is included.

The Zeiss Handheld Magnifiers are available in the following powers:

  • Zeiss D6  (1.5x) Classic Handheld Magnifier has a 100mm (4") diameter and is ideal for general reading, viewing art and antiques, and scanning large fields of view.
  • Zeiss D8 (2x) Classic Handheld Magnifier has an 85mm (3-3/8") diameter and combines moderate magnification with a wide field of view, ideal for stamp collectors, art lovers, and field work by scientists and nature enthusiasts.
  • Zeiss D12 (3x) Classic Handheld Magnifier has a 70mm (2-3/4") diameter and is the best all-around choice for close examination in health care, art and document appraisal, and similar applications where high magnification and a long working distance are needed.
  • Zeiss D16 (4x) Classic Handheld Magnifier has a 60mm (2-3/8") diameter and is best for a broad range of close-in detail viewing of jewelry, coins, miniature models, & biological specimens.
  • Zeiss D20 (5x) Classic Handheld Magnifier has a 55mm (2-1/8") diameter and is the highest power single lens magnifier in the Zeiss line, ideal for viewing very fine detail on coins, jewelry, insects, or other tiny objects. 
Zeiss Classic Handheld Magnifiers with Case
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