Zeiss D36 (3x, 6x, or 9x) Pocket Loupe

The Zeiss D36 folding pocket loupe is the most versatile portable magnifier for a wide range of hobby and professional uses.  Use the individual 3X or 6X lenses for larger subjects, or combine the lenses for 9X magnification. It's an ideal choice for stamp and coin collectors, archivists, antique hunters, and field biologists.

Aplanatic-achromatic pocket magnifiers from Carl Zeiss are indispensable aids for many tasks – particularly in industry, research and the skilled trades – where precise vision is of the essence. Their small dimensions also make them useful for persons with severe visual handicaps, e.g. for use when out and about. The aplanatic-achromatic pocket magnifiers are labeled with their refracting power (D), which can be used to calculate the respective magnification on the basis of the conditions of use. These magnifiers provide a distortion-free image without chromatic aberration over the entire field of view. The lenses come standard with an antireflection coating which both minimizes glare and enhances the clarity of the image seen through the lens. The tough, reinforced polymer shell is much lighter than metal and provides better shock protection in the event it is dropped.  


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Zeiss D36 (3x, 6x, or 9x) Pocket Loupe
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