Zeiss Head-worn KF/KS Loupe System

The Head-worn Loupes KF and KS are ideal for many applications in medicine and technology.  Superb image quality, large fields of view, 14 different optical systems with magnifications from 3.2x to 8x and  working distances from 500 mm to 190 mm. 
The teleloupe systems with a Kepler design is mounted on the system carrier KF Titanium, a frame with straight sides and an elastic headband.  If required, the teleloupe system K can be swung out of the field of view and then returned to the work position.   
       Head-worn Loupe KF Titanium
The outstanding wearing comfort of the Head-worn Loupe KS is achieved by a special system carrier which, thanks to its many adjustment possibilities, can be adapted to optimally fit practically any head shape.
      Head-worn Loupe KS

Features and Technical Specifications
  • Kepler-type teleloupe systems with excellent image quality, outstanding depth of focus and large field of views
  • The unique bridge connection guarantees comfortable stereoscopic vision
  • High-eyepoint eyepieces: prescription lenses can be inserted with Head-worn Loupe KF, spectacles can by worn with Head-worn Loupe KS
  • Wide range of magnifications: 14 different teleloupe systems with magnifications from 3.2x to 8x
  • Working distances from 500 mm to 190 mm
  • Adjustable to fit practically any head size and shape
  • Straightforward use
  • Ready to use in next to no time

  Working distance

measured from the eye 

  Free object distance    Field of view 



500 mm

500 mm

425 mm

430 mm

93 mm

115 mm



450 mm

450 mm

375 mm

380 mm

81 mm

100 mm



400 mm

400 mm

325 mm

330 mm

68 mm

86 mm



350 mm

350 mm

275 mm

280 mm

56 mm

71 mm



 300 mm

300 mm

 220 mm

230 mm

 44 mm

56 mm



 250 mm

235 mm

 180 mm

155 mm

 40 mm

36 mm



 215 mm

190 mm

 135 mm

110 mm

 30 mm

23 mm

Zeiss Head-worn KF/KS Loupe System
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