Zeiss Teleloupe System GTX 2x Dental Loupe

Zeiss Teleloupe System GTX Dental Loupes are head-worn loupes that are used for binocular, stereoscopic near vision in medicine and technology. The teleloupe systems with a Galilean design feature a 2x or 2.5x magnification and are each available with various working distances. Teleloupe Spectacles G 2.5 TTL offers a field of view which is 30% larger than the GTX system.The systems are contained in mounting rings which are cemented onto glass or plastic eyeglass lenses of any prescription. The carrier lens can be inserted into any sturdy spectacle frame with good fitting properties.
     Teleloupe Spectacles G 2.5 TTL
Features and Technical Specifications
  • Extremely light and small
  • Tailor-made for you
  • Superb optical quality
  • Supreme wearing comfort
  • Relaxed work without strain
  • Length:  approx. 20 mm
  • Weight:  approx. 6 g per system without mounting ring

  Working distance

measured from the eye 

  Free object distance    Field of view 



450 mm

415 mm

76 mm

95 mm



400 mm 365 mm

68 mm

85 mm



350 mm 315 mm

60 mm

75 mm

2x 300 mm 265 mm 52 mm

The small size of the systems allows good orientation to the surrounding field. The Teleloupe Spectacles GTX and the G 2.5 TTL teleloupe spectacles can be equipped with the Saphiro LED illumination. This allows an ideal, very easy combination of magnification and illumination. 

Your Teleloupe Spectacles will be individually fitted by your eyecare professional.  
Zeiss Teleloupe System GTX 2x Dental Loupe
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