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SUPERLOUPES.com is an online retailer featuring the finest magnifying aids from around the world. We offer products from Zeiss, Obrira, Blaxall Optics and others. These magnifying aids were selected because they are ideal for both professionals and hobbyists when superior optical performance is required. The loupes available through this website are used by jewelers, stamp and coin collectors, antique hunters, photographers, litho printers, engravers, model makers and medical/dental professionals.

You'll find a variety of choices from which to choose. The Zeiss product range consists of pocket loupes, handheld magnifiers, clip-on magnifiers, visor (hands free) magnifiers and surgical/dental loupes.

Pictured is the Zeiss D40 (10X pocket loupe), the most popular product of its type for jewelers and coin collectors. Images are virtually distortion free with no color aberration. Also available in 6X or a combination 3x, 6X and 9X versions. Zeiss pocket loupes are considered the gold standard of inspection and appraisal.

 We invite you to browse through our store and shop with confidence.